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Category: Becoming a Vendor

No. All products must be made, baked, grown, raised or wild harvested in the Comox Valley and Stathcona Regional Districts.

Category: Becoming a Vendor

No, our market is a food only farmers’ market and at this time we do not accept applications for crafters.

Category: Becoming a Vendor

Applying to perform as a musician at the market is simple. Head to the “Apply Here” section of our website. Scroll down to the “Click here to apply” button and fill out the application. Note that this is the same form that vendors fill out so there will be sections that are not relevant musicians. Ignore these sections.

Applying to become a vendor is simple. Head to the “Apply Here” section of our website. Before filling out an application please make sure you carfefully read the section titled “New Applicants”

Category: Becoming a Vendor

We list our new products as well as our standard product weekly on our website under the “See what’s new this week” button on our homepage. There is also a handy chart available to help you plan ahead.

Our farmers strive to bring you the freshest produce possible. Most produce is harvested and packaged (product dependant) within 24 hours or less of market day. Some products, such as garlic, require curing prior to being sold at the market.

Yes. We require all vendors selling food to have either their Food Safe or Market safe certificates. Depending if a prodict is considered to be high risk or low risk, they may also be required to have permission from Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) to be able to sell at the market including Health permits and Letter of Confimration.

Category: Becoming a Vendor

No, vendors are only permitted to sell product that they have made, baked, grown, raised or wildharvest themselves.

All the product sold at the market comes from the Comox Valley Regional District or the Strathcona Regional District.

Yes, all the products at the market, with the exception of seafood, are made, baked, grown, raised or wildharvested within the Comox Valley Regional District or the Strathcona Regional District. The bulk of the product at the market come from within 70 km radius of Courtenay.

Yes, each vendor is required to make, bake, grow, raise or wildharvest all the products they sell at the market. Prior to being sold at the market, each product must be approved by the General Manager and/or the Application Review Committee. Consignment and resale of products is phohibited. Baked and processed good for sale are made from scratch by the vendor not using commerial mixes or products and are substantiall alter from purchased inputs.

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Yes, any lost and found items can be picked up or inquired about at the market Information Booth. The staff and volunteers can assit you.

Category: Market Amenities

While we certainly love all animals, dogs (other than service dogs) and other pets are not permitted at any of the Comox Valley Farmer’s Market venues.

You are encouraged to leave your pets at home and not in your vehicle.

We appreciate your understanding and support.

Category: Market Amenities

We sell reusable cloth bags at the Information Desk.

Category: Market Amenities

We try to keep vendors in the same spot each week but depending on the number of vendors, the avilibility of vendors, where the market is located and the season, vendors can be moved around. If you are unsure of where they are located stop by the Information Desk and ask one of the friendly staff or volunteers who will be able show you. You can also look on our website and social media for the market map that is posted the day before each market.

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Category: Locating Vendors

Although we do not have an actual ATM onsite, you are able to use your debit or credit card to purchase market tokens or wooden nickels as they are often called.  Tokens act as “market money” and are accepted by all of our vendors.  Regular money is given back as change when a transaction is less than the amount of tokens given for the purchase.  You can purchase tokens at the Market Information Desk.  Note that at our Fall/Winter markets are located at the Native Sons Hall in Downtown Courtenay and there are several ATM’s located within a few blocks.  Both of our seasonal summer markets are also located within a few block radius of an ATM.

Category: Market Amenities

You are able to use your debit or credit card to purchase market tokens. Market tokens or wooden nickles as they are sometimes referred to are accepted by all of our vendors and act like cash. They tokens come in $5 increments, do not expire, are good year round at all of our markets. If you do not spend the value of the token the vendor will give you the appropriate change.  You can purchase these tokens at the Market Information Tent.

Category: Market Amenities

Yes, our Saturday market goes year round with the exception of the two Saturdays at Christmas. We move indoors in October and outdoors in April.

The exact dates varies depending on when the Saturday falls but typically we move outside to the CV Exhibition Grounds on the second Saturday in April and stay here until we move inside to the Native Sons Hall on the third week in October. Check our website as well as social media to find the exact dates for each year.

The Comox Valley Farmers’ Market began on May 2, 1992.

Saturdays 9-1 year round

Wednesdays 4-8 June to August

Sundays 10-1 July to September

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