Raised Right Ranch is a small family farm located in Dove Creek, run by Sheldon Gunter and Anthony Anglos. These young farmers believe in providing quality care for their animals, which you can taste in the flavour of the meat. All their pigs are raised outdoors and allowed to root around and play and excercise. The rabbits are also raised outdoors in hutches, and given time on fresh grassy pasture whenever possible. Their chickens are free-range, and enjoy visiting with the other farm animals. Please contact the farm at 250-650-8575 or shelmariegunter@gmail.com if you'd like to know more about our products or farming practices. We'd love to hear from you!

Terrific hotsauce made by Max using the freshest local ingredients!

We grow pesticide free, Gmo free veggies, sustainably 365 days a year using a vertical hydroponics system with climate control and high effecency Led lighting.

Products: vegetables, herbs, Bok Choi, basil, Arugula, Cilantro, kale, Swiss Chard, Spinich, Lettuce (full and mini head, lettuce mix, specialty greens mixes), Chives, dill, parsley, Mustard Greens, endive, Dandelion greens, Escarole, mint, flowers, Nasturtium, radish, Micro greens and Sprouts

Fresh picked corn!

Fresh, nutrient dense, healthy produce grown in the CV. Farmers Michelle and Corey take a homesteading approach; raising their own chickens, saving seed, creating a farm system that is full-circle. We want to be engaged in the local agricultural and culinary community of the Comox Valley. We want to give back more to the land than we take .

Doughnuts! And other assorted baked goods. Brought to you by the same Family Farm known for their eggs and preserves.


New Vendor!


Nursery plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers,floral design and free range eggs at Bayhill Nursery,


Products: Nursery plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers, floral designs, Eggs

My Garry Oak is hand picked from bags of leaves gathered locally in Courtenay. I also have a wide variety, 19 at this point, of ornamental willow used for weaving or decorative landscaping. I will be at the Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday markets.

Products: garry oak, willow


Toadstools and Handtools Farm is a new adventure into the sustainable and ethical production of gourmet mushrooms, culinary and medicinal herbs, and vegetables. Our cultivated mushrooms are eco-friendly, grown without the use of disposable plastic. And our veggies are happily grown with low-impact handtools to minimize disturbance of microbial soil organisms. We proudly source our organic seeds from Island producers and Canadian companies whenever possible, so you can be confident you are eating local from seed to table!

Products: dill, Cilantro, parsley, licorice root, Chives, green onion, sweet onions, comfrey, chamomile, marshmallow, mint, lavender, Mushrooms: pearl oyster, blue oyster, pink oyster, black oyster, king, elm, wine cap, almond portobello, prince, chestnut.

Welcome to Fiddlehead Soaps where our goal is to provide you and your family a line of natural home and body products that are nourishing, locally sourced, and eco-friendly. We at Fiddlehead offer a variety of products designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul including handcrafted, artisan soaps and lotions, non-itchy laundry detergents and septic system friendly all-purpose cleaners.

A cornerstone of my business was established by my son and husband who inspired me to create a line of body products that are natural without being “flowery”: hence my Local Yokel soaps made with beer, hops, and tallow and cut into ‘manly sized’ bars.

What we put on our skin matters! That’s why I only use thoughtful essential oil blends along with natural spices, micas, and earth pigments which delight your senses without overpowering. I also have a fully unscented line for those who are particularly sensitive.

I am the granddaughter of one of Comox’s pioneer families, and in raising my children here I recognise the value in sustainability. Therefore, wherever possible I use organic, locally sourced ingredients so you too can feel confident about the products your family uses.

Products: soap, skin cleanser, balms, home cleaner

We are a brand new farm practicing organic production in the Comox Valley! With our focus on contributing positively to the land, our personal health and especially our communities, Coastal Rainforest Farm's mission is to deliver delicious produce from Soil to Soul!

Products: Arugula, Brassica Greens, Spinach, Mizuna Lettuce, basil, beet, Bean, Broccolini, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chard, Cilantro, cucumber, Mini Cucumbers, Daikon, Fennel, kale, Kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, Onions, parsley, peas, Sweet Pepper, Hot Radish, rosemary, Sage, Shallot, Summer Squash, Tomato, Turnip, Winter Squash, Zuchinni


Featuring deer resistant and drought tolerant perennials, Garden Lore also celebrates the wonders of nature with a selection of the unique and unusual, the beautiful and the bizarre. Additionally we offer organically grown veggie starts and herbs.

Products: plants, veggie starts, perennials, cut flowers

Cakes and Cupcakes made fresh for Market!

Greenatopia Gardens produce a beautiful assortment of cut flowers for individual sale as well as custom floral bouquets, all grown on our Black Creek acreage.

We will also have hand made cedar patio planters and dried flower arrangements available at the Farmers Market and custom orders taken at 250-218-3373.

Products: flower, planter boxes, cut flowers

Beautiful large size Bavarian Octoberfest Pretzels

Products: pretzels, bavarian style pretzels

Food Fests are a result of the Comox Valley Farmers' Markets partnership with The North Vancouver Island Chef's Association. They bring their talent and creativity to the market and pair it with our fabulous local food. The result: tastings, info and recipes of seasonaly available locally produced food straight from the farm.


Lentelus Farms was founded on the idea of creating a truly sustainable, agroecological, mixed livestock farm in the Comox Valley. All our animals are raised with the utmost respect and care on fresh green pastures. We produce pork, lamb, eggs, seasonal vegetables, dog treats as well as fresh sourdough bread for the Wednesday and Sunday Markets.

Products: Pork, lamb, Eggs, garlic, bread, veggies, dog treats, sourdough


I have vegetable bedding plants for spring planting, succession planting and fall planting for winter greens. I also grow an assortment of culinary herbs either in pots ready for transplanting or already planted baskets. Just snip and enjoy! All plants are grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.


Products: herbs, bedding plants, tomato and herb baskets

Dutch Stroopwafels are a much loved cookie in Holland. They are served fresh, the size of a dessert plate, packaged they are usually between 3-4 inches. I would prepare fresh ones on site as well as having packaged ones for sale. The preparation can be seen on this video on Youtube; https://youtu.be/7oB50N96Ce4 They have long been a popular item in Holland and are now going more international. They are currently gaining popularity as a fast fuel food for athletes. They are fairly simple to make fresh and are a delicious treat. The packaged ones keep really well and can be warmed for added flavour to soften, changing them from a wafer to a softer consistency. 

Fun and interesting activities for the kids - all about food!