Backyard Bloomers (aka Warwick Dahlias)


We grow approximately 3000 dahlias each year. We sell cut flowers (including dahlias, anemones, ranunculus,sweet peas and many more) and dahlia tubers at the Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday Markets.

We have an annual open garden event which will be Sept 2nd and 3rd 2017. 


Warwick Dahlias aka Backyard Bloomers

Written by Traci Skuce for the Comox Valley Farmers' Market Association

It's hard not to love a bouquet of flowers. Now imagine the fields devoted to that bouquet. In the Comox Valley we're lucky to have an entire farm dedicated to beauty and colour. Warwick Dahlias—a two acre dahlia farm in Black Creek. Throughout the summer and fall, thousands of dahlias are harvested in the cool of the morning, placed in water, and left so stems can siphon up the water before they're arranged into bouquets to sell to you at the market.

            The farm is run by Sherry Jessee. Since the inception of the Comox Valley Farmers' Market in 1995, she's been a vendor of a variety of farm-based products, such as starter plants, ice-cream and baked goods. The switch-over to dahlias began as a misadventure at a garage sale. On a search for gladiola bulbs, Sherry found a handful of dahlia tubers. Excited, she bought and planted them. That summer they bloomed a disappointing red and yellow.

            Still, something about the flowers intrigued her, and the following year, she found a website for Ferncliff Gardens, dahlia specialists in Mission. She went ahead and purchased twenty properly named and classified dahlias. Each variety was a different colour and shape—pure eye-candy. In 1995 she started selling bouquets at the market. 

            Thanks to support from their loyal Farmers' Market customer base, now, twenty-two years later, the business has flourished. Sherry says that couldn't have happened without the help of her sister, Jeanine Richardson, and their partner Linda Stewart. All three work very hard to insure that their products are diverse and of exceptional quality. Over the years they've developed their own dahlia hybrids, including WD Nana, a purple dahlia with darker purple on the backside of the petals, named after Sherry's grandmother. “She's the one I inherited my love of flowers from,” Sherry says.

            This past year, Warwick Dahlias became Backyard Bloomers. Sherry says, “The name change was needed as we now offer spring bouquets of Anemones, Ranunculus, Peonies and other spring flowers. We wanted our customers to know that we grow more than just dahlias".

            And though they offer flowers for large and small occasions, the focus of Warwick Dahlias, aka Backyard Bloomers, is really the farming. As Sherry says, “We just like to grow things.”

            Sherry, Jeanine and Linda would like to invite everyone to come out to the farm for their annual open Garden September 2nd and 3rd, 1672 Constitution Road Black Creek. For more info visit them at the Farmers’ Market, follow them on Facebook and be sure to look for their soon to be completed web page.