Downtown Courtenay Evening Market

The first Downtown Courtenay Evening Market was a great success despite the weather! More than 40 vendors from the Comox Valley Farmers' Market and Elevate the Arts were welcomed to the top of Fifth Street by local merchants, many of whom stayed open to enjoy the crowds coming to shop local. the streets were full of smiling faces, restaurants full of hungry patrons and vendors happy to share their wares while listening to the lovely songs of musician Andrea Smith.

Free Shuttle to the Saturday Market

Introducing the Comox Valley Farmers' Market Shuttle!

We've chartered Comox Shuttle and Coach to offer a market loop running hourly. Pick up locations and routes are: Pick up at Isfeld School down Lerwich/Gutherie to Anderton to Comox Mall, Down Comox ave, Dyke Road, Cliffe to pick up at Driftwood Mall,  up 27th, Willemar to pick up at Lake Trail, then back to cumberland Rd to 4th to pick up at Mud Sharks and then out to the market. Please flag us down along the route and we'll stop to pick you up.

Location                         Departs

More than Meat and Veggies! Food Fest May 23rd

From the shores of Baines Sound to its farms, ranches and fields, the Comox Valley has it all. It’s become a hot spot for talented chefs seeking world-class ingredients and the inspiration of one of BC’s most beautiful settings.

This Sat. May 23 from 9am to noon, join “Chefs at the Market” for a More than Meat & Veggies food-tasting event that brings together local chefs and producers to showcase the array of spring flavours fresh for the picking at the Farmers’ Market.